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Sunday, November 22, 2015

T-Shirts for the Guys

Had the opportunity to buy a couple gifts for some of the guys when we were back in the States.  Of course, I had to get them shirts that fit the description:

I'm so proud of myself.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

God's Protection...Again

Recently we visited Amber's side of the family.  Her grandma lives in a city about halfway between Amber's parents and my parents (where we've been staying the past couple weeks).  So her grandma's house is the perfect place to gather.  Also, her grandma turns 90 this year and still mows her own lawn, works the soil in her garden and gets on the floor to play with our kids.  Pretty amazing family, those Bradburns!

Overall, it was a pretty good weekend...except for the shooting and the car crash.

We got there on a Thursday night, ate supper, and then somehow a wrestling match broke out between my sons and me.  These matches tend to get a little loud as my children beg for mercy.  Loud enough, apparently, to drown out the sound of several gunshots and a car accident.

About 2 hours after we arrived someone noticed the street in front of Grandma's house was filling with police cars, lights flashing.  Turns out there had been a shooting and car accident about 150 feet from where we were.  Grandpa Tom went out to get the four-one-one on the situation.  Early reports ranged from an episode of road rage to a drug deal gone bad.  Eventually we got the full story from the only eye witness - a woman who lives nearby.

So there was this young guy. We'll call him Guy. His brother had allegedly gotten into some hefty drug debt with a drug ring. Three guys show up at his house to get the brother but brother isn't home, so they kidnap Guy instead. Here's where the eyewitness gets involved. She's just said goodbye to some visitors in the driveway and sees this vehicle driving fast and recklessly down the road. Suddenly she sees a flash and hears a bang and the car swerves off the road and hits the fire hydrant, knocking it about 20 feet down the yard.  The car then proceeds to drive over the hydrant and puncture something that starts leaking from the car. She thinks they blew a tire, so goes running over toward the car but couldn't see it. 

Her yard is on the south of Amber's grandma. North of us is an empty lot, with a row of trees between us and the lot. The car had swerved off the road, knocked the hydrant off and 20 feet away, swerved back onto the road and around Grandma's house, then into the empty lot where it finally came to rest.

As the witness is running toward it to see if she can help she sees Guy running toward her. He stops and is waving this gun around saying "I just shot 3 guys in the head. They're trying to kill me!" She gets him to put the gun down and they step behind a fence. He fills in the details that they had allegedly kidnapped him to drive him around to get money from friends and family to pay the debt.  When they were unsuccessful they were going to take him out of town to do...whatever.  He said they were trying to put a bag over his head when the incident occurred   

The witness gets someone to call the police, then she steps back out to go see the car and sees a man walking toward them. She asks if he's one of the bad guys and Guy says no. So the new man sees the neighbor lady and his look confirms that what was in the car was not good. About that time the police arrive and she comes out to speak to them. It had been reported as a car accident and she tells them it was a shooting.  

They put her in the back of a cop car and she's stuck there for 30 minutes while they investigate the scene. She said she banged on the window the whole time and finally someone noticed, came over and said "we'll be right with you" and walked away for another 15 minutes. All this time her family and friends have no idea where she is or what's really going on.  During this time Guy is still hiding behind the fence, but he eventually comes out and turns himself in.

He is taken into custody.  One of the men had died before the police arrived, two survived and were taken to the hospital in critical condition.  Of course, these details came from a witness who heard it from the alleged shooter, so the veracity of these statements remains to be determined in a court of law.

But what we want to praise God for is how He protected us in this whole situation.  Had the car continued on it's original trajectory after it first left the road it would have crashed in Grandma's yard, possibly right into the side of the house where I was playing on the floor with two little boys...not to mention there was at least one gun discharged several times in close proximity.  Instead, it completely missed her entire property, missed two electric poles by inches (which would have made for a dark and scary night, considering we didn't yet know where the shooter was and if there was more than one), and then came to rest in an empty lot next door behind the tree line.

Of course, the tragedy is that at least one soul entered eternity, most likely unrepentant and separated from his Creator.  Of all the things that rocked us the most, the fact that life is spent on such worthless pursuits as money, power and drugs, only to end with such violent finality should cause us all to pause and evaluate what we love.  And more poignantly, how what we love affects how we as believers proclaim the message we claim to believe!

"The fool has said in his heart 'There is no God!'  They are corrupt, their deeds are vile, there is no one who does good." Psalm 14:1  
That's all of us, by the way.  Romans 3:10 makes it clear that we are all evil.  We like to point the finger at specific sins - adultery, murder, rape, drugs, violence.  But Jesus makes in clear in Matthew 5 that according to the laws of His kingdom, we're all guilty!

"Fools will die because they refuse to listen; they will be destroyed because they do not care."  Proverbs 1:32
There are consequences.  When we reject God to pursue ourselves, we face the dire end of the path we choose.

"Remember this: whoever turns a sinner from the error of their way will save them from death and cover a multitude of sins."  James 5:20
What are you doing to save a sinner?  How you spend your money shows where your heart is.  How you spend your time shows where your heart is.  Is this an urgent matter for you?

Monday, October 12, 2015


Sometimes missionaries get bitten by snakes.  But usually you’d think it would happen in some deep, dark jungle.  Not the Oklahoma panhandle.  Unfortunately, that’s exactly what happened.  

We had the privilege of spending several weeks in SE Colorado with Amber’s family.  The thing I most look forward to when visiting out west is being fed by Amber’s aunts.  Usually it’s a nice beef brisket, but this time Aunt Joyce decided to make some baby back ribs.  She spent like two days getting it all flavored properly.  I spent like two weeks looking forward to the feast.  

Uncle Paul was wanting to get some old, broken fence posts pulled out on the ranch.  I hopped in the pickup after both our wives made us promise to be back by 1:00 sharp for lunch.  We did a few small jobs and then started to pull the posts.  Uncle Paul was running the bucket on the tractor, as I walked the old fencerow as a spotter.  Once we found a post I’d throw a chain around it and then Paul would pull it out.  He’d warned me to watch out for snakes, a warning that I didn’t take lightly due to my intense theological training and innate fear of animals without legs.

We got to a particular section of the fencerow covered in some taller weeds.  It was there that the attack happened.  Ol’ Mo had warned me that August is the most dangerous season for rattlers, because they're shedding their skin and don’t see well to rattle.  Well, turns out he was right.  Rattlesnake fangs are hooked and when they strike they open their mouth wide, sink their fangs into soft tissue and pull back.  It’s on the backward pull that they inject their venom. By God’s grace, when the snake struck at me my hand was bent and it’s fang hit me square on the knuckle.  That prevented it from sinking into any soft tissue.  There was a pliers on the ground and we found a pool of venom on the pliers head.

I knew right away I’d been hit, so I pulled my glove off and found a spot of blood on my right index knuckle.  I bled it as much as I could and then sucked on it - which you’re not supposed to do because the mouth is some of the most absorbent tissue in the body.  Since we saw the venom on the pliers and since my hand didn’t start swelling, it seemed safe to keep working.  After about an hour my finger did start to stiffen a little bit, kind of like when you jam your finger.  Not wanting to lose my hand, we decided to go to the hospital.

On the way, we noticed the clock was creeping very close to that promised 1:00 hour.  Both Uncle Paul and I were more afraid to call our wives than we were of the snakebite itself.  Paul called Aunt Joyce and I asked that they not say anything to Amber until we’d seen the doctor and had some information to share.  Well, Aunt Joyce kind of sucked in her breath when Uncle Paul told her what had happened.  Amber, being prone to much eavesdropping as well as strong doses of pessimism, figured something was wrong and would not be dissuaded by Joyce’s calm demeanor.  When Paul called back 15 minutes later and Joyce left the room, she was certain something was up.  She heard Joyce say “Bruce isn't there?” When Aunt Kaye confirmed that Bruce is indeed one of the doctors in Boise City, Amber pressed for more information.  That’s when Aunt Joyce said “Your husband was bitten by a snake.”  To which Amber responded “Oh, good.  I’m so relieved.”  I’m not even making that up.  Apparently she thought I’d been cut in half, or been crushed, or had my stunning good looks marred in some irreparable way…you know, something truly terrible.  A snakebite is very low on Amber’s extensive list of anxieties for her husband’s welfare.

Meanwhile, back on the ranch, I wasn’t too concerned myself.  Uncle Paul?  Well, he was cool, calm and collected and I’m generally not given to panic.  I figured “Hey, it’s rattlesnake country.  This kind of stuff happens all the time.  Everyone knows what to do.”

Well, when we arrived at the hospital we tried to avoid the large E.R. fees by seeing a doctor directly.  But the receptionist would have none of it.  I guess hospital policy dictates that snakebites are emergencies and must be handled in the room designated for such.  They started taking my vital signs and asking me all sorts of questions.  Every nurse had a good laugh when they heard I was from Africa and came to Oklahoma to be bitten by a snake.  Eventually the doctor arrived and said that they have one vial of antivenin on hand.  But before doing anything he had to call poison control for instruction.  Turns out, snakebites are so rare that even a doctor who’s been practicing for almost 40 years needed to brush up on his protocol.  Leave it to this tenderfoot to be the one who helps them further their education on the subject.

Ultimately, while it may have been foolish to continue working out on the ranch for awhile, it ended up saving us lots of money.  If we had gone in directly they would have injected the antivenin, put me on a helicopter and airlifted me to Lubbock.  The vial alone would have been $5k plus the helicopter and hospital fees.  As it was, since it had been so long and there was such a small reaction, Poison Control instructed the hospital to monitor my vital signs for 6 hours and then discharge me if it didn’t become more serious.

So, I ended up getting the most expensive afternoon nap of my life.  Aunt Joyce sent in a plate of ribs and fixin’s, I watched Netflix in a nice leather recliner and caught some shut-eye.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Gospel Opportunity - Please Pray

We have had the privilege of meeting a young man that worked at one of the local businesses.  He's no longer in town, but I send out daily encouragements from Scripture.  Yesterday he responded to one of the Scriptures with a question.  This prompted a great discussion over What's App.  Please be in prayer for this young man as he evaluates his faith and his relationship with God!

J: But how sure can I be that Jesus really exist?

Louis: Great question!
L: The fact that there was a historical Jesus is almost completely without dispute, except by the most unreasoning critics of Christianity. The fact that His life and death are without reasonable disagreement. That settled, what is then called into question is His resurrection. In a court of law, 100% proof is never required. What is required is proof beyond "a reasonable doubt." I believe his resurrection can be demonstrated beyond a reasonable doubt. A good book on this subject is by J. Warner Wallace, a former Cold Case detective. The book is titled "Cold Case Christianity."
2014/10/18 1:13:13 PM: Louis O'Tool: Hopefully this is helpful. I'd love to discuss this further sometime! How's Navy training?

J: I grew up in a church tho, I'm supposed to know this,  guess that makes me that small boy always playing and never pays attention..  Its goin fine, I actually believed that it would be much harder than it is.. I'm enjoying it

L: Glad to hear you're well. What you described about your church experience is really not all that surprising, unfortunately. This is a shared experience by people young and old the world over. Regrettably, our churches are doing a very poor job preparing Jesus-followers to live in our "post-modern" society. That's why your question about Jesus' authenticity is such a good one. Many people drop Jesus and run at the first obstacle to their faith. So here are some questions to ask yourself (and research from credible sources, if necessary):
1. Was Jesus a true historical figure?
2. If yes, who was He? He claimed to be God, so that leaves us with 3 options: Either He was a complete liar, or He was a deranged lunatic, or He was (is) in fact Lord.
3. Did He really rise from the dead? People don't do that. With every advance in medicine and technology we'be been able to enhance and prolong life, but never create it. Death is the one thing that every man, woman and child faces. Our mortality is an unescapable fact. But according to Christian teachings, Jesus overcame death. If you read 1 Corinthians 15 you'll see that Paul teaches He not only overcame it, but has power over it and will one day eliminate it for all. If Jesus resurrection is true, everything changes. So any well-reasoning adult must, I repeat MUST, decide what they believe to be the truth about His resurrection.
That's where I'd encourage you to do some research and thinking. Consider these points:
-If Jesus' resurrection was a sham perpetrated by His followers, why did they all give their lives, and in fact DIE for what they would have known to be a lie?
-How has Christianity survived and grown as it has if Jesus was not, in fact, Lord of All, as He claimed to be? One of His earliest opponents, Gamaliel, spoke on this very topic, recorded in Acts 5:33-39
-Ancient law required at least 2 witnesses to demonstrate the veracity of an eyewitnesses event. Jesus, in His resurrected body, was seen by over 500. This would provide ample evidence in any court of law.
A good article online is found at
Hope God strengthens your faith and that you come to know Him in the most intimate way possible! Remember John 17:3 "This is eternal life - that they may know You, the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom You have sent."
1 John 5:12 "Whoever has the Son has life. But whoever does not have the Son will not see life, but the wrath of God abides on him."

J: Are you guys Jehova's?

L: I assume you mean Jehovah's Witnesses. No way!!! JW's believe Jesus is an angel, not God. No doubt in Scripture that Jesus is God!

J: Good. I want to have a braai some day with you louis, I want to know all about the bible,  want to start all over,  or is it to late to start over?

L: Id love that! Let me know next time youre in town. Or maybe we'll make it to Cape Town;-) Never too late to start over! Read Luke 18:9-14. The reason the whole Bible was written is not to give us a list of Do's & Don't that will make God happy. The Bible was written to show us what God's character is...perfection. And since God is perfect, He also requires perfection from us. But we can't do it, can we? I mean, look at just the 10 Commandments. How many have you broken? I know I've shattered all 10...let alone just one! And so I stand guilty before God and deserve His judgement. So do you. So does everyone. But here's the beauty of God's Word. Not only does He show us He requires perfection, He sent His own Son to live the perfect life on our behalf. But we killed Him, right? That was part of God's divine plan. See, Romans 6:23 tells us that death is the penalty for sin. And when Jesus died, He took the penalty I deserved on Himself. God poured out His anger against my sin on His own Son. Jesus took my place. But He didn't stay dead because Death had no power over Him. The power of death is sin, and since He hasn't sinned the grave couldn't hold Him. He rose the third day with power over sin and death. And since the price had been paid He offers His infinite righteousness to me. To you. To all mankind. Since we have sinned we have no righteousness of our own. But when we recognize our sinfulness, our rightful destiny to suffer the wrath of God for eternity, and we beg God for mercy a divine transaction takes place. God accepts the full payment of His Son and transfers Jesus righteousness to our account. That's what the word "justified" means. That's what Luke 18 is referring to.
Do you recognize that you are a sinner?
Do you see that God would be entirely just sending you to Hell for eternity?
Do you see that you can't earn His favor through your own good works?
Then call out to Jesus. Ask God for mercy. He'll give it every time. Read 2 Corinthians 5:14-21. He'll make you new, give you that new start!!! Your sins will be gone. You'll never have to face God as Judge, only as Father (Romans 8:1)!!!

J: Doesn't God get tired of forgiving your sins everyday?

L: God is an infinite God. Jesus righteousness is infinite. When He died He paid the penalty of all sin, for all time. Once For All! When Jesus died all my sins were still in the future because I hadn't been born yet. So when I repent of my sins He forgives them all on the basis of His Son's payment.
L: That's not to say we now have a license to sin. On the contrary. When Jesus makes us new He also empowers us to live a new life. Paul describes this in Galatians 2:20. Not that I'm now sinless. But I'm forgiven. The joys that sin used to offer don't seem so attractive anymore. Because the beauty of Jesus is more beautiful than my sin.
L: "All who are being led by the Spirit of God, these are the sons of God." Romans 8:14
Not only does He save us, He empowers us to live a new life.

J: So that means I can do anything and Jesus wil forgive me?

L: If you're sincere in repentance.

J: Yes but see what does that mean?  I'm sorry my english is poor

L: Sorry. Repentance means a complete change of mind. As in, I used to love _____ (power, money, sex, etc...), now I've found a greater love. What was once attractive is less attractive because my heart has been captured by a greater beauty. Think of it this way: kids love hot dogs, but once you taste a good steak fillet the hot dogs don't taste as good anymore. I used to love my sin because of the glory I thought it offered. Now I love Jesus because His glory is greater than what sin promises but doesn't deliver.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Pot Hole

American's are not allowed to complain about potholes.  One morning before prayer we were standing by the gate watching water gush out of this water main break.  Suddenly this car comes along and decides to drive through the water, not around it.  We had to "help" push it out - I say "help" because a guy with a diesel pickup came along and used a tow rope to drag it backwards out of the hole.  We were just there to get our shoes wet and look useful.  Afterward we found a stick to put in the hole as warning to other motorists.  The hole was over a meter deep!  So no more complaining about roads in the States!