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Friday, March 30, 2007


Dear Friends,

Welcome to The Life & Times of the O'Tool Family. As we begin our
ministry we will attempt to send out regular updates so everyone can
be kept up to date as to what God is doing in our lives. Since this
is our initial list we are still missing some email addresses, so if
you know anyone who would be interested, please feel free to forward
this to them. I apologize to anyone who may be left off this letter
but may receive it later. If you would like to be added, or know of
someone who would, feel free to let us know.

We were officially accepted as missionaries with Ambassador's
International Ministries, Inc. in January 2007. We were able to hold
our first deputation meeting in Adrian, MO on February 10th. We had
an enjoyable time spending some time with Amber's former pastor and
his wife, along with getting to know some of the individuals within
the church. I attended my very first Valentine's banquet, ironically
as the speaker. The church was very gracious as we worked out the
kinks of our very first ministry and we were grateful for that.

Our schedule is filling fast, and we have several meetings lined up
between April and September. As many of you know, our goal is to be
fully supported by October 2007. Currently we are at 5% of the $4,000
needed, and we are confident that God will continue to provide in His
perfect time.

I am pleased to announce that our website is finally up and running,
although there are still adjustments and proofreading that must be
done. If you are interested, go to

The Pines ministry is currently going well, under the leadership of
Brian & Lois Niehoff. They now have 12 children (by last count).
Three of them just recently arrived through a contact in the city.
Their mother is severely ill and had been in the hospital for some
time. The children had been on their own and had been able to beg
food from neighbors, but when that was no longer available they came
to a lady who runs a Christian daycare for help. She referred them to
the Niehoffs, who were able to take them in on a short-term "emergency
care" basis. The youngest was taken to the hospital with severe
dehydration and malnutrition issues. She is two years old and weighs
13lbs. By comparison, our 18 month old Meredith weighs 25lbs. This
young girl is doing well with proper care, but obviously there will be
some ongoing issues.

Please continue to pray for the needs over there. Also, we covet your
prayers as we continue to seek God's will and pursue full time
ministry in Welkom.

In Christ,
Louis & Amber O'Tool

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