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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Kids Classes

Recently, we started training classes for the older kids here at The Pines. Our long-term goal is to raise these children to be able to effectively contribute to their communityhere and impact this continent with the message of Jesus Christ. Two evenings per week we meet with the kids. One night we cover issues of theology, like where the Bible came from, how we know it's true, who Jesus is, etc... The second evening we read them stories about men and women in the past who have served God.Of course, the issue of heaven and hell comes up frequently in our discussions. Many of the children here understand that Jesus died to take the punishment for our sins, and many have already asked Him to save them. We want to be sure they truly understand, and are not just parroting things they learn from us. of this, I asked them to find me sometime within the next week and tell me their story of how they came to understand that they need Jesus to save them.
I asked this on Thursday night (today is Saturday). So far, three of the older girls have sought me out and told me their stories. One of the girls, Okuhle, wanted to make sure I understood what she was saying, so she decided to write it down. I will copy it word for word, so you all can see what she said: "One day we go to church with us! and Pastor George told us about God and he seys you suppose to be born again so we can go to heaven and then I believe that God, He died on the cross four our sin and I pray to Jesus to live in my heart
but now I believe that God, He died on the cross for our sin in 2007, March 16 day.
Gold is for Heaven
Red is for the Blood of Jesus
White means a pure heart
Black is for our sins

From: Soboyise (her surname)
To: Uncle Loui"

(Photos from top to bottom: Rafiloe, Okuhle, Dieketseng)

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  1. Praise God! Keep up the good work. The stories of what is going on encourage our hearts.

    Anna Thorburn