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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Life & Times of Louis & Amber - Ladies Man

As one of the oldest in a large family, I quickly learned there are advantages to infant siblings. Namely, that they are a good way to get the chicks. For whatever reason O'Tool babies tend to be much more adorable when they are young, and steadily become more annoying/repulsive as they grow older. So you really need to take advantage when you're young. Unfortunately, I didn't learn this when I was still small and adorable. Fortunately my parents proved fertile enough to allow me to take advantage of the fleeting O'Tool adorableness vicariously. In other words, as a teenager, us older boys used the small ones to attract female attention.

There are few times in life when you have a camera when you need it. Today was one of those times. The sequence of photos below will tell the story. Lerato-a 2 year old girl, and Tumi-a 2 year old boy, decided to join us for homework time today. Obviously, Tumi is more intelligent than I was at his age. He's learned how to turn his own charm to his advantage, thereby eliminating the need for younger siblings. See the progression below. Ladies, you tell me if you could have resisted.

Lerato - As you can see, it's no wonder Tumi felt such attraction.

Tumi - Simply irresistible.

The idea in it's formative stages

The part where most chicken out


And who hasn't been here, me neither

Not sure if he's gloating, or planning for next time

A picture is worth a thousand words.


  1. Hi Louie and Amber.

    What a great series of pictures....melts your heart right on the spot. I was struggling for a comment about the previous post. I had heard of the tragedy from Susie N. Each day brings joys and sorrows ....I thank God that these kids have their stable home at The Pines with the Niehoff's and O'Tool's. We love you and pray for your work. Going about being the hands and feet of Christ...leading the children to have the heart of Christ.

  2. Yeah, go Louis! Nice job documenting the activity at The Pines.

    Keep up the good work that you all do and thanks for your sacrifice!