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Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Life & Times of Louis & Amber - Proclaimer

In August we had a team from Utah visit us in Africa. They were a great help in our ministry and in various outreach projects. Some of the team members introduced us to an organization called "Faith Comes By Hearing". This organization produces a ministry tool called The Proclaimer. It is a box with embedded MP3 files of the entire New Testament, read and dramatized in many different languages. This allows the Gospel to be broadcast in places where illiteracy makes pamphlets, Bibles, and other literature useless.

This team had obtained several of these units for the work in South Africa. One was left with a sewing project at Morningstar Christian Daycare, allowing the women to hear God's Word as they work on learning skills to benefit their life. Another was left with The Pines, and a third unit was given to us for the youth Bible study we hold in Thabong.

One of the last days we were in Welkom we had the Bible study guys over to The Pines for one last going-away party. Normally when we have them all over they play soccer most of the time, only pausing to eat. This time after eating we gathered them together and gave them the Proclaimer. We explained how it operates, how it charges either by crank, battery, solar power, or electricity. They were extremely excited. In fact, a debate broke out as to who would be in charge of the unit. Half the boys were leaving the next week for an academic retreat of sorts, while the other half would remain in Welkom to attend a mathmatics seminar. The debate centered around which group would get to take the Proclaimer with them that next week. Eventually we determined that there would be greater opportunity at the retreat for unsaved youth to hear, so it would go with that group.

Of course, we had to test the unit and make sure the boys knew how to use it, so everyone gathered around and we listened for a few minutes. Those few minutes soon stretched into a few dozen minutes, and before long it was too late to play soccer. But surprisingly the boys didn't mind. They were absolutely devouring the Word of God. Eventually I had to say "This is the last chapter." And anyone who has raised children knows what happened next. "How about just one more?" Before we could finish and turn the unit off they demanded we listen to John 3.

I have to ask myself "when was the last time I had that desire to hear from God?" It continues to humble us to see the hunger for spiritual things displayed by the young people of South Africa. We enjoy being back in the US and renewing so many relationships, but we can't wait to get back to Welkom and see God continue to work. While the fundraising seems daunting, we know that God already has prepared those with whom He wants us to partner, and that He will provide what is needed for His own work. Please pray for those young people still in Africa, and for their growth and protection. Pray that God will lay it on the hearts of individuals to join with us in the work there. And a big "Thank You!" to the Utah team for providing another way for God's Word to reach souls for eternity.

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