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Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Life & Times of Louis & Amber - Our New House

We have been able to settle in to our new home over the last couple weeks.  Amber has been doing most of the settling, since Brian & I have been at the property almost every day.  You can see in some of these pictures that moving is just as chaotic in South Africa as it is in the US.  We are happy to have our dog back.  Meredith and Drake in particular love playing with him in the yard.  Of course, seeing the sun is just enjoyable in itself after this past winter in Iowa.

A couple of notes on these photos:  First, the satellite dish was there when we moved in and isn't functional - kind of a bummer with the World Cup coming up.  Second, since we live in a townhome, yardwork is included in our rent.  So we have a beautiful lawn and landscaping.  Third, our house comes with two small balconies.  One of the pictures is the view from our balcony and is quite aesthetically pleasing.

The house is two-story, something very uncommon here in South Africa.  We have 3 bedrooms and a bathroom upstairs with the kitchen, living room, office, and another bathroom downstairs.  Ben, my cousin, is sleeping in the downstairs office for the next few months.  It is really very nice to have our own home again.

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