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Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Life & Times of Louis & Amber - Hospice Holiday Party

Lois and Amber have been going to Hospice in Thabong once a week for several months now.  At the center, they have children whose care giver is in Hospice care come in two times each week.   They go every Tuesday and play games, tell a Bible story, sing songs, and do a craft.  It has been great getting to know these children.  Since they are from the township, most of them have very limited English, so the teachers have to help out with translation, but in any language, love goes a long way.  There are usually 8-9 children, ages 4 & 5.  

The end of November was the last Tuesday to be there until after the New Year.  South Africa is on a calendar school year so a few of these children will not return next year and will head to school.  On that day we had a Christmas party for the children.  It was so much fun to watch them enjoy it.

We told them the Christmas story, did a craft, opened presents, and provided them with a lunch of hotdogs and chips.  Brian's parents are here right now and his mom also made beautiful cupcakes to celebrate Jesus's birthday.

After opening gifts, each child would stand up and say "Thank you very much, keep it up, shine."  There is one little boy that doesn't talk and the teachers aren't even sure if it is possible for him to.  After he had opened up his gift, he stood up and said the little thank you speech.  Both Lois and Amber looked at each other.  Apparently his gift ment enough to him for him to speak.

We don't know how God will use this once a week outreach, but we just want to be faithful to sharing the Gospel with those who might not ever hear it.  It's possible that since these children are here because their guardian is in hospice care, they may end up being some of our first children at Restoring Hope Village.

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  1. That's wonderful! It's so exciting to hear of more and more children hearing about Christ! Keep it up, shine!