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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

It's Never Too Early To Learn

Every Tuesday night is Bible Study night for the kids at The Village.  The teenage girls do Bible Study with Lois or Mallory, but the younger kids do it at the O'Tool house.  The houseparents even send Tumi, who turns 2 years old this month...I think because it gives them a chance to rest more than anything!

Tumi has something of a sweet tooth, and since I give jelly beans to the kids who can say their verses from weeks past Tumi has become especially motivated to learn the verse.  You can imagine that he needs a little assistance, but he's coming along.  This is Lerato helping Tumi with his verse:


  1. Oh Tumi! He would say a whole chapter for just one Jelly bean! how he loves food- Praying for you guys. Miss it there a lot. Hope the Bible study is going well!

  2. That was ADORABLE!!!!! Loved it. Dad & I watched together. :)