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Friday, March 15, 2013

Funny & Spiritual - Win/Win

Okay, so this evening I was busy fixing some of the paving stones in the driveway.  They needed to be fixed because Brian and Revival ran a new water line and had to dig across the driveway.  The reason it needed to be done this evening instead of "this morning" or "this afternoon" is germane to the story.  We received a call this morning asking us to take a 10 year-old boy.  We had agreed, so preparations for receiving this boy took up part of my morning and most of my afternoon (of course, we found out later the boy is actually much older - too old, in fact for us to take him).

Kamohelo, our 9 year-old boy was my big helper for this project (that reminds me, I owe him 5 Rand). Kamohelo is kind of impish, in a really good way.  When he first came to live with us he went through a serious adjustment period - it seemed that if there was a decision to make, he had a special gift for making the wrong one.  He wasn't particularly bad, he just always chose the wrong way.  But he's come a long way since then.  In January 2012 he professed his faith in Jesus as his Savior.  And since that time we've seen some cool fruit in his life... this evening...

There we were, Kamohelo and I, kneeling on the driveway and replacing the paving stones that were missing.  I would level the area, he would hand me a brick, then I would hold it while he pounded it with a mallet.  It was all I could do to keep from getting my 8 fingers and 2 opposable thumbs smashed.

Anyway, I asked him if he was disappointed that the boy wasn't going to be coming.
He said "Why?"
I said, "Because you need a friend here."  (He's the only big boy.  All the other boys are 5 or under.)  So Kamohelo says "Yes, that would be nice."
Trying to paint the glass as half full, I say to Kamo, "You know, if another big boy comes he might beat you down all the time."
Kamohelo responds "No, I know how to fight."
Surprised, I say "Oh?  Tell me about it."

"Well," Kamohelo tells me, "One day at school a big boy push me.  So I tell teacher and teacher, she say 'forget it'.  So when he push me again I punch him in the face.  Then he start crying."

"Really?!" I say.  "That's what you do at school?"

Kamohelo looks up at me with his impish grin and says "No, that's what I used to do at school before I know Jesus.  I do that in Grade R (Kindergarten).  Now I know Jesus and know He say that's a bad idea.  Now I just love people!"

Oh, Kamohelo!

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  1. Super, we live for those moments, thanks for sharing!!! Komeholo has come a long way by God's grace!