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Saturday, May 18, 2013


Well, Team Hope from Walnut Park Baptist Church has now been gone for almost two weeks.  On the one hand, we miss them quite a bit.  They were a joy, a huge encouragement, and a great blessing to our kids.  On the other hand, apparently they had a negative influence on two of our kids (tongue-in-cheek, obviously).  For proof of that check out the evidence below:

The front of Kamohelo's card to the Walnut Park Baptist Youth Group.  This is in direct rebellion to my teaching that the only team one should follow is the Nebraska Cornhuskers.  We'll have to rethink things after this...

A personal message from Kamohelo to his sponsors from the Youth Group at Walnut Park Baptist.  Doesn't this make you wish you were sponsoring one of these precious kids (hint, hint).

Pastor Jake recruiting children to the St Louis Cardinals' fan base.  Again, this is an afront to all loyal Cubs fans everywhere, which I would prefer the children to become!

In all seriousness, the team was great.  Thanks for the special influence you've had on both the kids and staff here.  Thanks also for the follow-up communication.  It's a blessing and encouragement.

Pastor Jake, Loren, Daniel, Haley, Mike, Pam, Taylor and Murph, we miss you all here!

...but we don't miss your ugly sports gear and shameless proselytizing!

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