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Friday, October 10, 2008

The Life and Times of Louis & Amber - Fires

This past Sunday evening it rained. This is a big deal, as it is the first rain we have received since late May/early June. A couple weeks ago we had to dig a shallow trench to run some water lines.In August we had to dig through concrete and rocks to run a sewer line and I would rather have to dig through concrete than through the dirt that hasn't received rain in so long. So we're glad that the rains are seemingly back for the summertime. Things should start to green up here soon.

Of course, since we hadn't had rain for so long the grass around here was pretty dry. Apparently one of the favorite pastimes in South Africa is lighting dry grass on fire. One day Amber was here at The Pines alone with the children and mamas and a fire started in our little section. The wind blew it into the grounds here and it started to burn the grass toward the building. Lehlohonolo, an 11 year old boy quickly took charge, getting all the shovels and rakes passed out and starting a bucket brigade with the other children. Obviously this wasn't his first fire.

I arrived home shortly afterward and the fire was almost completely under control by that time. It wasn't that we were terribly frightened, as the grass close to the building is kept too short to endanger the building, but it was very cool to see the kids jump right into action and take responsibility without being asked. And one can never do a job around here without some time afterward to wind down.

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