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Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Life and Times of Louis & Amber - Growth

As you know from reading our materials in the past, our purpose here at The Pines is to raise children who will be able to impact South Africa, both spiritually and physically. This is truly a long-term ministry, and it may be years before we see results from the work we put in. That isn't to say we don't see any results now. It is quite rewarding to work with these kids, both at The Pines and in our other outreach efforts into the community. Any person who has been here can attest to that. Once you come you leave your heart here. From time to time God blesses us with encouragement. I've attached a photo that is an example of some of the growth and maturity we've seen in these kids since we've been here. Before we came some of them were UI fans.

If you can't tell from the photo, we are all wearing ISU shirts. Of course, this may be the wrong weekend to bring it up, considering the recent game against Nebraska and all.


  1. > "Of course, this may be the wrong weekend to bring it up, considering the recent game against Nebraska and all."

    Oh, no. To the contrary! It's a wonderful weekend to bring it up! >:-D

    Peace. --Jacob

  2. To be completely honest, I'm a Big Red fan myself, but it isn't easy to find cheap, used Nebraska clothing in central Iowa. The main reason we did it is that right before we moved here in March we met Gene Chizik-the ISU coach-at the airport in Atlanta. I happened to have an ISU sweatshirt with me at the time, so I quickly put it on. We went over and had a conversation with him, and he was the most down-to-earth guy you could ever meet. We weren't sure if that was really him, or just a persona he has developed over his years of coaching. Anyway, during our conversation it came up that we were moving to Africa to do missions work. Coach Chizik professes to be a believer, and by all accounts I've heard he backs it up with his life. About a month after we'd been here we received a hand-written note from him thanking us for our willingness to serve God in this way. So while I still am a UNL fan, I certainly cheer for ISU when at all possible. Now that we're in Africa it is also nice to represent the home state, and since I only wear UI gear when it is free (and even then with absolute discretion), ISU is our best option.