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Friday, November 7, 2008

Dieketseng Says Hello

This is Dieketseng from The Pines. She saw that Ntswaki had her own post on the blog and she decided that she wanted her own as well. She would like to say hello to everyone in America. Here are her words:
"Dear all the people in America,
My name is Dieketseng. I am 12 years old. I have lived at The Pines for three years this month. I came in November 2006. Since I came to The Pines my life has been very good. It is good because of God. Here we have a trampoline, playground, swimming pool, computers, and lots of other things. My mother is Mama Aggie. She cooks for us and it is very good. She teaches us to work-sweeping, washing dishes, cleaning our rooms, cooking. We get to go to a nice school. On Monday morning we go to chapel and do BIble Study. We get to learn here that Jesus died on the cross. I didn't know that before but now I know it. When you believe in Jesus, you go to Heaven when you die. There is no other way to get to Heaven. Some people have told me there is another way, but the Bible says that Jesus is the only way. That's all I want to say about The Pines right now. On Friday nights we watch a movie, and we go swimming many times, and play games on computer. We must learn how to type soon.
From South Africa,


  1. Hi Dieksetseng! I really enjoyed reading your letter. You did such a good job! I hope you guys have been having lots of fun since I last saw you. I miss you all very much! I've been telling my friends and my family all about you and they wish they could come meet you guys too. It's snowing here today. It's sooooo cold! I would love to come back and enjoy the warm weather in South Africa and swim in the pool. Tell everyone hello for me!

    Much love and many blessings!

    Jamey (POG Team 8)

  2. Dieketseng you wrote a very nice letter. I hope you are enjoying school and learning a lot. You are a very smart young lady with a very pretty smile. You better be smiling! I miss all of you very much! I can't wait to come back someday. We went to church tonight and saw Uncle Brian and Lois. We had a nice time visiting with them. I pray for all of you and that God will look over and protect all of you. Say hello to everyone for me.
    Lots of Love,

  3. Dear Dieksteng,
    Last night I had dinner with Uncle Brian and Lois and their parents. I also met Uncle Louie's family. It was a WONDERFUL time of fellowship. It made me so lonely for all of you at The Pines. Today Brian had me say a few words into his movie camera to all of you and I couldn't think of all the right words to say, but one thing that surely came through loud and clear is that I LOVE YOU. I see how much you are growing and learning, but I can also see the love of Jesus right there in your bright eyes. Give all the mamas a big hug for me, will you? Maybe I will see you in 2009...I'm praying about that.
    Love, Grandmother "M"

  4. I miss you so much Dieketseng. I have a picture of everyone at The Pines hanging on my bed so I think of you every night.

    It is great that you want people to know that you love Jesus and want to follow Him. I can see that doing right is important to you.

    I can't wait till I can come see you again!