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Friday, November 21, 2008

The Life & Times of Louis & Amber - Learning?

As most of you know, we have Bible Study with the children 2 times per week. During that time we attempt to give them a good foundation in the Word of God. I encourage everyone to study it, as it gives us "all we need for life and godliness". Like I've told the students in my Philosophy class, all the questions that have bothered humankind for thousands of years are answered in the pages of Scripture.

So anyway, while we're attempting to equip our kids with the knowledge they will need, we make a concerted effort to relate it to life now. I'm always trying to remind them as they encounter various situations or problems to think about what the Bible says about it.

Well, just the other day, I had several of the children in town with me. We are coming up on the holiday season and we have been working on a Christmas Program for our church. 6 of our kids went with me to the development our church is located in so that we could practice with the other children who don't live at The Pines. I had promised them if practice went well we would go into town for ice cream.

So here is this gangly, awkward-looking white guy with 14 black children in tow ranging from 9-14 years old. Since I didn't want to drag them all the way through the grocery store (where we get our ice cream cones) I had 10 of them wait outside while the others went in with me to carry the cones. I stayed at the counter to pay, and the other kids took turns running the cones outside one at a time. After I paid I go outside to eat with the kids, and apparently just as I come out the door, one of the boys loses the top off his cone. One should suspect, I guess, that with 14 kids at least one cone will land on the ground.

As I emerge from the door, what do I see, but one of our 14 year old girls scooping ice cream out of an oil slicked parking lot into her mouth with her fingers. When I politely reprimand her for this action, she responds that she doesn't want to waste the ice cream. I explain to her the dangers of germs and bacteria that may pass from the concrete to the ice cream, and the accompanying sickness that could ensue. Her response? "Its ok if I get sick. Jesus saved me from my sins, so if I die I will go to Heaven, and that will be better than living here anyway".

So at least her theology is sound.

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  1. Hehehe. For ice cream, it's worth it anyway, right?