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Monday, December 29, 2008

The Life & Times of Louis & Amber - You Have Been Warned

So yesterday morning I awaken to see a 3 year old standing over my head straddling my pillow. Looking back, I should have known that something foul was afoot, but my brain was still trying to clear the melatonin from my system. As I look up at her, she realizes I am awake. Promptly, she says "Dad, don't tell me not to jump on your head". Don't be fooled by the photo. She's neither as cute nor as innocent as she looks.

Again, when I first realized she was in such close proximity I should have immediately sought cover. You know what they say about hindsight. Unfortunately, I also wasn't thinking clearly enough to take a picture of my swollen lip, which I obviously sustained from a 3 year old jumping on my head. In her defense, she didn't disobey. I'm beginning to think it was a premeditated act. She needs to learn another old saying, "It's easier to ask forgiveness than permission".


  1. From Robin,
    Sounds like our Merideth for sure! And Drake has grown so much even since we have been there. Please tell all of the kids hello for me. I ma hoping to come back in one of the upcoming trips.

  2. rofl!!! I can't stop laughing! lol!

  3. Grace, I hope you've stopped laughing by now. Otherwise, maybe you should be restrained.