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Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Life & Times of Louis & Amber - A Beautiful Country

On this website you frequently read updates that may paint a very bleak picture of South Africa. While this country has severe problems that need to be addressed, it is a country that has been blessed with great natural beauty. Unfortunately, most of that natural beauty is at least 2 hours drive from here:-)

These photos were taken in May of a thunderstorm that took place in Cape Town. Cape Town is 12 hours by car from us, and while we have not had the privilege to visit we hope to someday soon. Everyone here tells us that we need to go to Cape Town if we want to experience the real beauty of this country. In fact, before we moved here we would occasionally run into someone originally from South Africa. I think this happened 5-6 times. Each time when they would learn we were moving to South Africa the immediate response would be to launch into a list of their favorite places that we just had to visit while here. When they would finally ask where we would be moving our response would be "Welkom". It was always followed by an awkward pause, and then on at least three of these occasions the South African would respond "well, at least they have good traffic there." And we agree, they do have good traffic here.

Enjoy the pictures. The power of our God is amazing. We need to figure out some way to capture and harness the power of lightning. That would solve the world's energy crisis, and God just throws these around like little darts.


  1. I read your blog almost every day...people must reply by e-mail rather than leave a comment because there's always something that needs to be said.... this will make a good book someday. I'll be seeing you soon....can't wait.

  2. We love when people leave comments. We are really looking forward to your visit. The kids are missing Grandmother "M".