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Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Life & Times of Louis & Amber - David Jakuja Napo

As part of the Bible study I hold with the boys from Thabong I had given them a paper to fill out with several questions on it. They gave me permission to publish what they had written with only spelling and grammatical corrections. Here are the responses given by DJ.

David Jakuja Napo
I am 22 years of age, born in Lesotho but grew up in South Africa in a city called Welkom. I live with my three young sisters and a young brother, so that makes me the eldest. My father lives in Bloemfontein, that's where I've spent the other part of my life (3 years of my life), and 3 years in Lesotho, and 16 in Welkom raised by my mom alone as a single parent.
The good things about me include I am always laughing (I hope that is good), a great listener and respectful-that is what most people say. Bad things about me are I forgive quickly but take time to forget.

I grew up in a religious family so I have known about God all my life but the year 2008 in July I met a person called Louis O'Tool "Uncle Loui" through my cousins. That is when my life changed. He told me about God, taught me many things and fortunately he is still teaching me the Bible.

I know I am saved because I have asked Jesus to save me from my bad sins and that I know He died on a cross to pay for our sins, and I have asked Him to wash away my sins and to be my Father. Being saved means you have accepted Jesus to be your father and you are not just a person, now you are a saved person. It is a gift from God, we do not have to work for it - BELIEVE IN JESUS CHRIST. A person gets saved when he or she believes in Christ Jesus and you have to acknowledge that Jesus Christ died for you and me to save us.

Now that I am saved I should believe and have faith on my Lord and learn more about Christ and to always try walking on a good path and love Jesus.

We have been doing official Bible Study for only 3 months now and for us it is so encouraging to see the hunger and excitement these boys have for the Word of God. The last two weeks we didn't even get into the actual study because they have had so many questions. The first two weeks of April was school holiday in South Africa and all during that time they were making plans and strategies how they could teach the Bible to their classmates. We've had 6 more boys from the school express interest in joining the study, but it's possible their motivation is the cookies and soda.

I don't say or communicate any of these things to lift up our work here. None of this would be possible without the work of the Holy Spirit in the lives of these young men. I am writing this so everyone back home can be encouraged to hear how the Word is going out effectively all over the world. While the work here at times seems overwhelming we feel so privileged to be a part of it. Please pray for protection for these boys, both spiritually and physically, as they begin to take a stand for God. Pray that they will continue to learn and God would protect them from discouragement, temptation, and attacks as the enemy sees their changed lives. Praise God for their desire and efforts to tell others about Him and bring them to His Word.

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  1. Sweet! Keep up the good work! Hey, about 3 blogs ago--sorry you couldn't take advantage of the "lights out."