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Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Life & Times of Louis & Amber - New Home

In June POG Team 10 spent two weeks here helping with the ministry, working on projects, and generally making a nuisance of themselves. I guess the nuisance part doesn’t apply to all of them (I’m looking at you, Tom).

While here they did some electrical work, put in a new wall and door in the team area, worked with the children, helped with homework, played and did crafts with the children, and any number of other things that cropped up on a daily basis.

One of the projects they took on was building a new shack. You may remember that a couple months ago a shack in the #7 squatter camp burned down. The team along with Brian pitched in to erect a new place to live for them. While still made out of tin it is much more sturdy, larger, and generally very well built. And of course, the tin is new, not salvaged from some other shack or old mine buildings. So it is in much better condition and will serve to better protect the family from the elements. It is also made with a solid wood foundation - set in concrete - rather than the normal structures built with scraps salvaged from other old buildings.Although one side effect of it’s new condition is the bright glare. You really needed sunglasses to work on it. I’m afraid some pilot flying over will be blinded and cause some sort of accident.

As a good side-note, on our way to church this past Sunday, Alice and her kids were standing out by the road waiting for us. They came along with us and we pray that they will continue to join us each week. This team showed by example the truth of James 2 - that faith without a lifestyle that matches is really no faith at all. They saw a need, pooled together the resources that they had, and reached out to someone less fortunate. Because of that tangible show of love we now have a doorway to more effectively communicate to this family God’s love for them. A big thank you to POG Team 10 and the others who helped.

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