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Saturday, July 4, 2009

The Life & Times of Louis & Amber - Children's Day

Everyone in the US probably remembers as a child, or has had a child ask them, in regards to the Mother's Day/Father's Day holidays, "What day is children's day?" And every parent knows the correct answer to that: "Every day is children's day." Recently we celebrated Children's Day at The Pines. In South Africa the Children's Day holiday is scheduled to commemorate those youth who decided they finally had had enough under the apartheid government system and stood up against it. This was a large step in bringing about the end of that form of government.

Clearly as Americans we have a limited ability to raise these kids as South Africans. We attempt to maintain their culture whenever possible, and celebration of South African holidays is a part of that. Fortunately this event occurred at a time when we had plenty of help at The Pines. POG Team 10 was here, along with Allison & Wendy who are spending a month here, Rosina & Sam who are spending three months here, and Joe & Angie who spent 10 days here. They helped with games, making tie-dyed t-shirts, other misc crafts, and of course, food. We were joined by the boys from our Bible Study in Thabong, so we had quite a crowd. I thought you might enjoy some photos from this event.

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  1. How sweet it is to remember that day.... there's a lump in my throat.