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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Open Letter

Dear Family & Friends,
As I write this we are sitting in the Johannesburg airport, waiting to board our flight back to the US (you will note that the photo looks cock-eyed. Remember we are in the Southern and Eastern Hemisphere so all our pictures look like that). We plan to be in the US from October 1 through February 3. As you probably know by now, our intention is to report back to our current supporters, as well as raise funds for our new venture.

We, along with our co-workers Brian & Lois Niehoff, are committed to God’s call on our lives to minister to the children of South Africa who have been orphaned as a result of the rampant immorality of the culture here. We have located property in Welkom, and have a contract for its purchase before April of 2010. Our goal is to raise $250,000 for the intial phases of the ministry. These phases include purchase of and necessary upgrades to the property, the building of 4 homes for children – each housing 6 children plus caregivers, staff housing, and a vehicle. While we know this is an aggressive goal, especially in the current economy, we are convinced that God will provide as He deems appropriate. We ask for your prayer in this matter.

Our last few weeks have been full of transition. In addition to packing, cleaning, and preparing to move, we have maintained most of our ministries. Saying goodbye to the children at The Pines, the housemothers, and those within the community whom we have ministered among and built relationships with has been a difficult and emotionally taxing experience. We like to think of it as “see you later” rather than goodbye.

Thank you all for your prayers and support throughout this time. If you would like a report on our previous ministries, or would like to hear about our future ministry plans, please contact us at

Hope to see you soon. If you read this before noon – central time – please remember to pray for our flight, and specifically the 4 children: Meredith & Drake, and Liam & Lindie.


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