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Monday, October 19, 2009

The Life & Times of Louis & Amber - Top 10

Four generations of the O'Tool Family: Great-grandma Rosina, Grandpa Frank, me, & Meredith and Drake

Having been in the US for two weeks now, we've had the opportunity to enjoy some things that are missed in South Africa. We made a Top 10 list of the things that are better here, as well as a Top 10 list of things that make us wish we were there:

Top Ten for USA

Drake with Amber's sister, Aunt Rikki (with Amber's maiden name being Litke. So that makes her sister's name Rikki Litke. Say that 5 times fast.)

1. Chips & Salsa
2. A&W Root Beer & Dr. Pepper
3. Automatic Transmission vehicles, allowing us to enjoy the aforementioned items while driving.
4. Taking walks in the neighborhood without needing pepper spray, a taser, and a huge dog.
5. Being relatively safe doing things with people or in the community after dark.
6. Water fountains in public areas.
7. One-stop shopping (Walmart, Fareway, Menards, etc...)
8. Functional Internet
9. Living in the same time zone as most of our family & friends, allowing us more than a 3 hour window to have any communication.

Drake with Great-grandma Peggy Wiedemeier

10. Food left in the car for more than 15 minutes doesn't immediately spoil.
Also receiving votes: We can speak to one another in public here and people don't automatically peg us a foreigners. Milk lasts longer than 3 days. The change of seasons, although it seems a bit early this year. Football season. Attending church without being the one running it. Dental care.

Top Ten South Africa
1. Coke, Bacon, & Milk
2. Slower pace of life

Attending a Husker game with our best friends.

3. Fantastic weather
4. Living on the other side of the world from some of our family:-)
5. Much cooler animals
6. Our kids and so many precious friends
7. Every gas station is full service

Amber & Carey also came to the Husker game

8. Panarotti's Pizza
9. Stop signs are optional
10. You have a 60 minute window to arrive anywhere and still be considered "on time".
Also receiving votes: When you go out in public you don't keep bumping into people that you know, so you actually accomplish what you set out to accomplish. You can swim outdoors during the months of December, January, and February. There are always children around to help with projects when you need that extra hand. Meredith & Drake have plenty of babysitters and playmates. Val & Danie Bekker and Trish & Lawrence Dogget.

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