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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Lucky Update

Earlier I had requested prayer for a young man named Lucky. He had gone into the hospital the Sunday before we left Welkom with liver problems. I saw him that night and was able to go through the Gospel clearly with him. He prayed and then his response was "from this day forward I know my sins are forgiven."

The next day he was transferred to the University hospital, where the doctors were unable to determine the problem but did say he needed a liver transplant. I spoke to him a few times since our return to the US. Yesterday I called and one of his relatives had his phone. They said he was all hooked up to machines and tubes (life support) and that it didn't look good. I received an email this morning that Lucky passed away last night.

I do ask for your ongoing prayers that God will use this in a way that encourages his family and the other boys in our Bible Study. Hopefully this will be an open door for the Gospel to be spread.

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