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Friday, November 12, 2010

The Life & Times of Louis & Amber - A peek into an O'Tool conversation

Our last post is photos from our recent family vacation.  As noted, the complete album is on my Facebook page.  One of the photos in particular received much attention.  I've taken the liberty to post the ongoing conversation for your reading enjoyment.
Note:  All comments below are from one family member or another.  This is how conversations go in the O'Tool house.

    • Louis O'Tool Yes, the guy at the seal show made fun of my shirt in front of the whole crowd.
      November 7 at 9:11pm · 
    • Louis O'Tool He wouldn't let me be one of his pirates because pirates don't wear pink.
      November 7 at 9:24pm · 
    • Theresa O'Tool ‎...or man purses! :)
      November 7 at 10:20pm · 
    • Louis O'Tool Nice. That is a camera bag, and it wasn't my choice to carry it. Blame your sister-in-law.
      November 8 at 3:05pm · 
    • Amber Litke O'Tool As if I didn't have everything else :)
      November 8 at 3:19pm · 
    • Sam O'Tool Including the kitchen sink I'm sure. ;)
      November 8 at 4:35pm · 
    • Louis O'Tool You know Maggie...I mean Amber!
      November 8 at 7:13pm · 
    • Amber Litke O'Tool Hey, Hey, give me a little break! I usually have anything we could possibly need. Actually, Louie could attest to the fact that I did a very good job packing for this trip.
      Tuesday at 8:06am ·  ·  1 person
    • Ellie Stangl don't know if you mind me jumpin in to this O'Tool conversation, but...Amber, you are my hero! Louie, just be quiet!
      Tuesday at 9:52pm · 
    • Amber Litke O'Tool Thanks, Ellie, for the back-up. I think I was losing the battle :)
      Tuesday at 10:08pm · 
    • Louis O'Tool Now is the right time to compliment Zach on his funny at the Stangl family concert / slideshow. When he showed a picture of us unloading the container he said "While we were there Amber's suitcase arrived." One of the funniest things I've ever heard.
      Tuesday at 10:11pm · 
    • Sam O'Tool You know what they say about humor. Its only funny cause its true.
      Tuesday at 11:57pm · 
    • Ellie Stangl I think you still are, Amber. Thankfully, we know the real truth. That thing was packed with rootbeer.
      Wednesday at 4:08am · 
    • Rosina O'Tool So, I was wondering, how many strollers did you guys bring on the trip? My guess is two: an umbrella stroller and the double seater.
      Yesterday at 4:29am · 
    • Amber Litke O'Tool Nope. Just the double :) See I am getting better!!!!!!
      Yesterday at 6:09am · 
    • Rosina O'Tool Well, I know a family that has you beat in strollers! They have seven!!!! and not one of them is an umbrella stroller.
      Yesterday at 3:07pm · 
    • Amber Litke O'Tool Wow!!!! See Louie.
      Yesterday at 5:18pm · 
    • Louis O'Tool Amber collects strollers like Frank & Maggie collect children...the last 3 are just for parts, in case they're ever needed.
      18 hours ago · 
    • Rosina O'Tool I thought Tim was the parts child!
      15 hours ago · 
    • Rosina O'Tool btw, where is Drake's pink shirt? I've noticed that everyone else was wearing pink that day....
      15 hours ago · 
    • Ellie Stangl wow! I guess that is one way to look at it...go Tim, way to be there for the rest of your family!
      13 hours ago · 
    • Sam O'Tool Thankfully Drake does not take after his dad in more ways than one! :)
      about an hour ago · 
    • Louis O'Tool 
      Sam brings up a good point. Lost in all the confusion here is Drake. "What is he doing in this picture?", you may ask yourself. He is digging in Mom's bag attempting to score some candy. This kid has a serious sweet tooth. He wouldn't go near the ocean until I went out into the waves with a handful of gum drops. Then he came right out. Good thing Amber was holding on to him or he would have been swept away.
      So either he is reaching for treats or washing his hands in the kitchen sink. I'm pretty sure that's in there.
      a few seconds ago · 

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