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Friday, November 26, 2010

The Life & Times of Louis & Amber - Thanksgiving

This past week our family celebrated Thanksgiving.  It is very strange to celebrate a holiday when no one else is.  For everyone else it was a typical workday - except for Dwayne and Bridge.  They joined us for a Thanksgiving dinner, and then afterwards for some giving of thanks for God's work this past year.  We read the history of Thanksgiving.  They had really been looking forward to this after hearing about it from the ISU team.  In fact, Bridge only ate two plates and told us it was because he was so excited that his stomach wouldn't handle any more.  But then about 2 hours later he went ahead and had another helping or two.

Since turkey is hard to come by, we used a couple chickens instead.
Carving the "turkeys"
Poultry, Stuffing, Monkey Bread, Corn, Noodle Gravy, Mashed Potatoes, Pumpkin, Jello Salad, and Apple Pie!
Our Family
Bridge's favorite was the pumpkin with pecans and brown sugar topping.
Dwayne's favorite was everything.

Reading the Thanksgiving story.

Our Thanksgiving List:
1.  That Meredith asked God to forgive her sins two weeks ago!
2.  That Drake lived through the choking scare last November and we have been blessed with another year of life for our precious little guy.
3.  That God has blessed RHI to go from almost $0 one year ago to being ready to take our first children very, very soon!
4.  That God has continued to bless as we see fruit in the lives of those with whom we minister, and especially the growth in Dwayne and Bridge.
5.  For our family and friends in the US who continue to love, support, and stay in contact with us even as we are separated by an equator, a prime meridian, and an ocean.  (especially Tony & Theresa)

And most of all, that God sent His Son to die for my sins in order to draw me to God...and that God allows me to serve Him even as weak and sinful as I am.

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