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Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Life & Times of Louis & Amber - Christmas Photos

Amber is so crafty, and the girls loved making their own ornaments

Reading the Christmas Story
Drake passes out presents

Meredith received a new pillow from Bob and Susie Niehoff
Both girls received new fleece blankets made by some of the women of Lakeside Fellowship

New backpacks filled with school supplies courtesy of the Babb family and Point of Grace youth
When it's your first Christmas even pencils and erasers are exciting

Drake got a new firetruck from Brian and Lois
Opening presents comes naturally

Even in the middle of African summer the girls love their blankets so much they wrap up in them all hours of the day and night
Meredith received a new apron from her 2nd cousins the Pearson girls

Our Christmas day included a family trip to the local park
Three friends (most of the time, anyway)

Monica and Meredith perfectly balance the see-saw with Lerato and Drake

We would like to express a sincere thank you to everyone who thought of our family at this Christmas season.  It is difficult to be away from family, friends, and everything that seems "normal".  But we heard from so many and have been blessed by the generosity that has been poured on us that the small things we have given up have been replaced over and over again.  Thank you.

There are a few more photos posted on Facebook

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