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Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Life & Times - One Little Two Little Three Little...

Meredith is turning six this summer.  It's time she started learning some survival skills.  My career choices were narrowed to Chiropractor, Missionary, or Navy Seal.  You never know when you might be marooned on a deserted island.  Look at Gilligan, for crying out loud.  That was just supposed to be a three hour tour.

So Meredith and I cut ourselves some bamboo poles, then made a little Teepee.  This was after our family nature walk around Welkom where we collected acorns and bombed each other.  Even Amber and Drake were involved in the acorn war.  By time she turns 7 Meredith will practically be a lethal weapon.

Drake is already getting in on the fun.  Look at that expression.  You don't want to mess with him.  He is thirty pounds of pure cuddling fury.

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