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Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Life & Times - The Second House is Underway

In anticipation of our summer visitors, we are getting ready to build the second children's house.  The foundation was prepped this past week by some people we hired.  We learned the hard way, as Team ISU and Ben can confirm, that digging these foundations by yourself is quite a chore.  This time we decided it was more cost and time effective to hire a crew.  They dug it, laid the plastic, Brian and I put the reinforcing steel together and got it set.  We got some help with that from Brian's sister Stephanie, Jennifer - another visitor from the US, and Siyabonga, an 11 year old kid that has been showing up around the property pretty consistently lately to hang out with us while we're working.  The crew is supposed to pour the foundation today, so hopefully by next week when 6 new victims arrive we'll have plenty of work for them to do.  We already have enough bricks to finish this house so we're praying things really flow smoothly and move along.  Exciting Times!

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