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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Life & Times - Mousers

We've had something of a mouse problem recently.  Not completely surprising, but annoying nonetheless.  The traps here are useless, giving me a better understanding of the whole "Build a better mousetrap" adage.  And since our walls are brick, mortar and concrete, the little buggers don't get to run around inside the walls.  Instead they dart from hiding place to hiding place often giving the ladies of our house quite a scare.

This picture is a bit old, but it is from one of our mouse hunting expeditions.  Taylor and Matthew were here one night when a mouse was cornered in between the dining room and kitchen.  Armed with brooms and shoes Tim, Taylor and Matthew stalked the mouse, finally delivering a fatal lunging blow with Tim's shoe.  It was quite a celebration as you can see from our proud poses.  It's like they caught a marlin or something.  Oh, and that is my sister Rosina, whom the mouse had cornered on top of the freezer.

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