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Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Life & Times - Police Parade

The other day we were filling a trailer with fill dirt from a old abandoned railroad bed.  As we worked we saw a few Zama Zama's running our direction.  These are the illegal miners that have made headlines all over the world (Click here for a previous post on the topic).  These miners have become a very serious problem.  In fact, we learned that a police officer from Lesotho was killed by them.

We had thought to bring along our pepper spray and stun gun, which was nice.  As we saw them running toward us my hand automatically moved to my waistband where said stun gun was conveniently holstered.  The four Zama's reached a clump of trees and brush and immediately dropped to the ground, looking back toward the road they had just crossed.  This drew our attention to that road as well.

As soon as we looked we saw several police cars speeding along that road in the direction of two different mine shafts.  Then the several police cars turned into several dozen.  Then the cars turned into police trucks, riot vehicles, disaster relief vans, emergency response units, motor bikes...really any and all law enforcement vehicles that you can imagine.  We saw well over 100 vehicles go by, and when we left they were still coming, as far as the eye could see.

We still haven't heard the specifics on what was taking place, but that was our excitement for the week.  Actually, the most exciting part was the sight we witnessed on our way out to the train tracks.  Just around the corner from The Village, and before this whole parade started, there was one lone police truck parked in the shade of a small tree.  While one officer ate his lunch on the hood of the truck, the other officer was practicing his kung fu moves...Walker - Texas Ranger-style.  That was exciting!

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