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Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Life & Times - Strikes

Every week Lois, Amber, and whatever visitors happen to be with us go to Thabong to do an outreach ministry with children whose parent/guardian is under hospice care.

This past week they went out the day after electric price increases went into effect.  Normally South Africans don't need an excuse to strike, but this time they have a good one.  Our electric prices are spiking by 27% this month.  Imagine if your utility bill increased that much in just one month!  You'd be a bit upset as well.

This strike was loud and large, but relatively least here in Welkom.  That stands in contrast to the teacher's strike last year in which some teachers physically assaulted students who continued to attend school and wear their school uniforms.  There is also a steelworkers strike currently, which has cause some delays in our ability to proceed with construction.  So far we've had enough to keep busy, but our next project is pouring another foundation which we hope to do before Tim and Rosina leave in early August.  So we would ask for prayer that the strike end quickly.  You never can tell how long these will last.

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