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Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Life & Times - New Bible Study

Two years ago we had a Bible Study with students from Lebogang Secondary School.  That is where we met the 3 Jakuja boys, Makhasi, Alex, Brilliant, David and the others.  Now that most of them are in college our studies are on hold.  After our return to South Africa a year ago we started a second Bible Study here at our home with our friends Lawrence, Trish and Paddy.

About 2 months ago we were joined at our church in Thabong by a man named Zachariah, his sister and his sister's friend.  Zachariah has been a believer for a few years now and after church one day came and asked for some discipleship materials.  I gave him a Bible Study booklet and he gathered a group to meet each Wednesday for study time.  We currently run with 4 adults, 2-3 youth typically, and then lots of children who sit and listen as well.

Yesterday we all went to the children's ward at the local hospital to give gifts and candy, talk to the children and pray with them.  God gave us a wonderful time of fellowship before and after.  There were also a few opportunities to share the gospel with a few family members of the patients.

Zachariah had joined us even though he hadn't slept in 36 hours.  Last Sunday his grandmother passed away and much of the responsibility for the funeral fell on him.  In addition, he is seen by his family as the "family pastor" so everyone was coming to him for words of encouragement and prayer.  He has had an exhausting week but was still willing to arrange and join us for our visit to the hospital.

Please pray for Zachariah and his extended family that have joined us at church and for our Bible Study.  Also, we would like to thank First Reformed Church in Evansdale, IA,  Point of Grace Church, and Johnston E-Free for sending Bibles over.  Almost every week we get a new request for Bibles, and you can see in these photos that they are put to good use.  We appreciate your partnership in this ministry.

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