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Monday, June 27, 2011

The Life & Times - Let There Be Light

A couple weeks ago at The Village we put up our light post.  Have you ever seen one of those email forwards (yes, I read them but never forward them) wherein some guy is standing on a ladder held up by a forklift sitting on another forklift?  Sometimes I felt that's what we were doing.  The post is about 25 feet high, but seems significantly higher when you're lifting it straight up and dropping it over another pole.

A couple notes of interest:
-When Brian was digging the trench for the light's electric line, he kept unearthing bones with about every other shovel full.  Since this was a former cow pasture, we're quite certain they were leftover beef.
-Once we set the big post over the anchor post it was pretty tough to twist into position.  Fortunately we have a friend who has a brain.  Lawrence Dargie was visiting and came up with an ingenious plan using a plank and some rope.
-Now that we have the light set, we've only used it once.  This is because the bulb shines so brightly that even with Roman shades and curtains it creates too much light.  So we've got to do something about that.
-At the very same time I was writing this post the electricity in our home went out.  Ironic, huh?

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