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Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Life & Times - Quotes

1.  Quote Numero Uno - Thomas Heiderscheit, my cousin and son of Kim and Julie Heiderscheit, was here visiting.  Normally Tom is a pretty intelligent young man, proved by the fact that he graduated from DMACC in only 3 years with the ability to work on diesel engines.  So we all were taken aback on their first day in this country to hear him say "It's a good thing for gravity or we would all fall off the world."  You know, since South Africa is on the bottom of the world. And if you're wondering why this quote is funny, then we're laughing at you too.

2.  Are you ready for Quote #2?  Ok, here it comes.  Drake, our two year old son, was in the bathroom whilst Amber and I were brushing our teeth. He climbed up on the scale and said "Oh, I'm getting fat."  Only it came out as "Oh, I gttg bat."

3.  Our third quote comes from Meredith, in one of her interactions with my sister Rosina and soon-to-be-sister-in-law-Michelle-Fincham.  The boys are working hard to build this house we've been building, and the girls spend most of their time taking coffee breaks.  Occasionally they squeeze in enough time to bake some cookies for them to eat while on their coffee breaks.  And on this specific occasion they were baking cookies when Meredith became afflicted with some painful malady that clumsy and uncoordinated 5 year olds are prone to incur.  In order to comfort her, Rosina offered to allow her to taste-test the icing.  When Rosina asked "How is it?" Meredith responded "It's good but only because I don't want to make you feel bad."

4.  The fourth and final quote comes from our friend Allison.  This is her third visit to us in South Africa and we always enjoy having her.  This time her visit happens to coincide with a couple other young people who are working in one of the local hospitals.  These two guys are living in Evergreen Lodge at The Village (Evergreen Lodge is a shipping container converted into a small efficiency apartment).  They are cooking for themselves using a microwave and hotplate.  One day they were talking about making No Bake Cookies, the kind you see pictured on the left.  Allison says to them "I didn't you could make cookies."
"Why not?" they replied.
"I didn't think you had an oven out in the container." said Allison
...(pause)  "We don't.  You don't need to bake No Bake Cookies.  That's why they're called No Bake Cookies." say the boys.
"Well, I didn't stop to analyze the name." said Allison

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