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Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Life & Times - Construction Progress

May 13: Just a foundation

May 16: Laying out the initial block to start the walls

May 17: Making sure the corners are all set and level so the walls can be built straight and level

May 18: We call this the "Building an Ophanage Diet".  It will be the next rage along the lines of the Atkins and South Beach Diets.  Great way to lose weight and get toned.

May 18: Moving enough bricks to build all the walls

May 23rd: Walls have been built, just waiting on the lintels that we made the week before. 

May 25: Filling  cracks between the blocks

May 25: "Plastering" a finishing coat of cement

May 25: Smoothing out the finish coat

May 25: A finished wall

May 25: Cutting angle block for the gable ends

May 25: Setting the gable ends

May 30: Setting the trusses

May 30: Finishing interior walls
May 30: Trusses are set

May 31: Putting on the sheet metal roof.  The metal was coated in oil to keep it nice, which made for several mad scrambles by Tim and me trying to stay on the roof.

May 31: The finished roof from inside the house

May 31: What the house looks like.  You can see the smooth walls here.

June 1:  Putting up ceiling board

June 1: The finished ceiling.  Next step is interior walls.

June 1: In three weeks the project went from a foundation to something resembling a house.

June 1:  Our first picture of the two children's houses together.

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