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Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Life & Times - Carnivore Restaurant

Recently I've fielded some complaints that we haven't updated this blog frequently enough.  And those are valid complaints.  So here is some catch-up.

The same day we took Michelle and Allison to the airport for their return to the US we had a group excursion to Carnivore Restaurant in Johannesburg.  This experience was quite a treat.  The restaurant is located at Misty Hills Country Resort and Spa, rated one of the 100 Most Romantic destinations in the world.  The menu varies, but it operates on the Brazilian Steakhouse principle, wherein the wait staff carries meat on skewers and you ask for it whenever you'd like.

Carnivore is unique in that it serves a variety of game meats, based on availability.  I've heard they occasionally serve meats as exotic as Crocodile, Python, Giraffe and Hippo.  On our trip the meats they were serving were a bit more tame - in addition to chicken, ribs, lamb, beef, and pork they served kudu sausage, kudu meatballs, regular kudu meat, impala, zebra, and eland.

There was a variety of opinions within our group, but my personal favorite was the Zebra.  The consensus of the game dishes seemed to be as follows, from most delicious to least:
1.  Regular Kudu
2.  Zebra
3.  Kudu Meatballs
4.  Kudu Sausage
5.  Impala
6.  Eland
It might come as a surprise, but I would actually order a Kudu or Zebra steak over beef, it was that good.  Not something I would probably do frequently, because it would get kind of pricy.  But for a once in a lifetime experience, definitely worth it.

Delicious Kudu
Scrumptious Zebra
Delectable Eland
Appetizing Impala

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