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Monday, September 12, 2011

"It went something like that, anyway"

Last night we celebrated Drake's 3rd birthday.  For his party we invited the Niehoffs over, plus a few other friends.  While the adults were visiting the children were playing in their "hideout".  The Hideout is an open space under the stairs.

Suddenly, Meredith bursts into tears and comes running to me.  Since Meredith is like my sister Rosina, only on steroids, crying isn't that uncommon.  I said "What's wrong?"  Meredith replies "Drake hit me!"

As an experienced parent, I knew I needed to ascertain the facts of the alleged crime before doling out the sentence.  I know violence is never the answer, but sometimes, especially if you are the younger child - and more especially if your older sibling is Meredith - violence is the only way to get your point across.  The circumstances dictate how severe any correction must be.

I asked Drake "Did you hit Meredith?"
"Yes" Drake said.
"Because asdhiovi wehive innkeeper, and lwheoih ahaviiksl hies." replied Drake.
I turned to Meredith for the translation.
Meredith responded "We are playing Mary and Joseph. (with Meredith being Mary, Liam Niehoff being Joseph, and her Baby Josh doll tucked under her shirt as Jesus)  Drake is the innkeeper.  I asked him if he had any rooms in his inn and Wham!, he said 'NO!' and then hit me."

I suppose it could have happened that way and the Bible just didn't record the "Wham!" part, but I doubt it.

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