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Monday, October 28, 2013

Photo Albums

With these last few months being so crazy busy, and with so many visitors taking so many awesome pictures, I felt I had to pirate some of them.  These were mostly taken from Sam and Holly Walters, Emily Harmsen and Elise Anderson.

Sam and Holly are from Minnesota, which you can tell pretty quickly by their thick accents.  Coming from a large, homeschool family we bonded right away.  They were a blast to have around and were a huge help to the ministry for a couple months.

Emily and Elise, or EmElise were also here for a couple months.  They were great with the kids, helping out at school, with homework and around The Village.  We really enjoyed these two young ladies.

Hope you enjoy some of their shared experiences!


  1. Makes me miss you guys to see this! Hope everybody is doing well!

  2. O.K so when did you take this photo of Pop and me at the Flea market?