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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Hello from Lucas Khoza

The message below is from one of the boys that we do Bible Study with. We've kept in touch via phone and letters and I thought you might enjoy reading, because we sure love hearing from these guys. I didn't think this would happen but we are starting to get very homesick for Welkom.

Hi uncle Louies hope u enjoyed u xmas u n ur family. We miss u n aunt
Amber, Drake n Meridith, I got a copy of da letter n i was so worried
abt Drake I'ts god hu helped him. There is alot 2 tlk abt wen u come
bck, n by da way we getn da result 4 matrix next week thrsdy oh oops i
mean next year da 7th jan 2010. Im prayn 4 all da guyz n evry1 in da
US. Say hi 2 a unt amber n da kidz i luv u all giv Sam my email adrs
tel hm dat I wana hear hm bcmng a Doctor. Hopefully nxt year we r off
2 university. Dnt 4 get 2 bring us Obama T-shirts, may God bless u on
da Fundraising. Sorry 4 da text language im usn a phone. Love u all

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for the reminder to keep these guys in prayer! Lucas' note is really encouraging, and brings to mind Prov 25:25.

    I didn't know you were such a big Obama fan. ;) Just make sure not to dip into the ministry funds for those T-shirts. :D

    Peace. --Jacob