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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Life & Times of Louis & Amber - For our friends in South Africa

In South Africa we were often asked "Do you know _____________?" or "Have you ever met __________________?" These questions were always about some celebrity, actor, singer, or other famous person. The world's view of the US is so impacted by movies and pop culture that most people think the entire country is like one big New York City (thank God that's not true). Many people don't understand that we don't bump into famous people every day.

When we try to describe the weather, and how cold and harsh the winters can be, there is no concept of that. In fact, my uncle recently related a story from a missionary friend that served for years in the Central African Republic. Apparently, one winter on furlough they brought several Africans home with them. In their native language there was no word for cold, and as they experienced the pain of Iowa winter they used the same word as describing the pain one gets from extreme heat. I thought that was interesting.

Coming from the heart of the Midwest, we are familiar with "flyover country", the part of America that seems so dull and boring to those on the coasts. Amber & I just returned from Christmas in Colorado. No, not the Rocky Mountain State, but the eastern part of Colorado. Most people forget that the state is nearly half plains. So, without any more rambling, let me share some pictures that we took on our return trip. We thought these would serve as good proof for our friends oversees who find it hard to believe when we tell them the whole country isn't skyscrapers and movie stars.

Hour #1 - just west of Springfield, CO.

Hour #1 - draw your own conclusions.

Hour #2 - between Johnson and Ulysses KS, not far from the CO border.

Hour #2.25 - When a 4 year old has to go, you stop, whether there is a toilet or not.

Hour #3 - wind farm near Montezuma, KS. Do not try to watch the blades rotate while driving.

Hour #4 - near Ford, KS. Wishing we had some windmill blades to watch.

Hour #5 - near Pratt, KS. We had a small celebration because we could see trees in the distance.

Hour #6 - the Kansas Turnpike east of Wichita, in the heart of Kansas' famed Flint Hills. I told Amber that if we have another boy we should name him Flint. No one messes with someone named Flint. On a related note, a trip like this gives a driver lots of time to think.

Hour #11 - Sunset near Audubon, IA.

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