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Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Life & Times of Louis & Amber - Tidbits

Today we took Meredith & Drake sledding for the first time.  We figured that the snow will be melted soon (if we're lucky) so we'd better take advantage because it could be several years before our kids see snow again.  We also made our first family snowman, something that Meredith has been gravely concerned about all winter.  After all the festivities we went to Burger King for a treat and some time on the play equipment.

Amber & I are sitting at the table and Meredith runs up to us in a panic.  She breathlessly informs us that there is a monster hiding in the play equipment.  I respond, somewhat vainly "do you need a handsome prince to come take care of things."  Meredith looks right at me and says "no, I need you to come take care of it."  Ouch.

At the end of last school year Lebogang Secondary School held a celebration for all the graduating seniors.  I gather that it is their version of prom, only you don't go with a date, you go with your group of friends - probably a good idea given the culture.  In fact, that would probably be advisable here.

Anyway, it's a big deal, so everyone wears, buys, or borrows the nicest clothes they can find.  Here are photos of some of the boys.


Carroll High made it to State in Boys Basketball, so we get to enjoy watching them in the tournament.  The Boys State Tournament has always been a big deal in our family.  In fact, last year was the first year I missed attending in over 20 years, I believe.  5 of the 6 oldest boys in our family have been on a tournament team (sorry Joe).  So it's pretty exciting that we get to see one of our own there again.  I do need to point out that I didn't actually play in the State Tournament, but I was the token skinny kid on the end of the bench.

This year Carroll defeated Ballard of Huxley to qualify.  You may remember our account of Carroll playing Ballard in football this year, when Frank & Louis stole all of Tim's thunder.  Check it out here if you didn't see it.

Anyway, Ballard has become something of Carroll's whipping boy these last few years as the Tigers have knocked the Bombers out of the playoffs almost every year recently.  A point made all the more funny considering I now live in Huxley, and our co-worker, Brian Niehoff attended that school.  I guess this is further evidence that people from Carroll are very awesome.

So the game last Monday night was a nail-biter, being sent into overtime.  I won't recount the whole thing, because it is done very well for you in this story.  Just know that when Blake Haluska fouled out in OT and Tim O'Tool entered the game, I turned to everyone sitting around us and said "You never really want an O'Tool in with the game on the line.  We get the yips."  So what happens?  Tim goes to the foul line with the game on the line.  Read all about it here.  Just know that Tim played less minutes than 5 other players, yet dominated this entire article.  He kind of has that weasel way about him.  And he came prepared to cut down the nets by bringing his own scissors - come to think of it, maybe I'm the only O'Tool that gets the yips...

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