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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Help Needed Quickly

One of the problems with packing and shipping a container, is that once it is full and shipped you always think of something you forgot.  The container left Slater last Tuesday, and Brian just emailed me with an urgent request.

When we have work teams come over to assist with construction projects we need to make sure we have enough tools to keep everyone busy.  Since we will have so much new construction we will need some additional tools.  Most of them we were able to ship with the container.  Unfortunately, we forgot one important item.

I've been told that you can find them in the left-handed aisle at Home Depot or Lowe's.  Unfortunately, we are in SE Colorado right now, which doesn't seem to have the population to support the big-box stores.  If anyone has a left-handed hammer, or knows where to find a good deal on one, please let me know.  You can email me at, or call me at 712-830-1245.  We need to have a couple of these before we leave for South Africa ourselves, so the sooner we can locate one or two, the better we will feel.


  1. I'm curious--First of all, who are the left-handed workers who need to use the hammers? Also, about the nails... Did you already ship the left-handed nails, and still somehow forget the hammers? Or will you be needing some left-handed nails also?

  2. Well, we've discovered that many Africans are left-handed (true). I'd say about 10% more Africans are left-handed than the number of left-handed Americans. It probably has something to do with early childhood development (again, also true). But let's not get carried away. Right-handed nails can be substituted for left-handed ones, as long as you rotate them 90 degrees. I can't believe we forgot the left-handed hammers though. But thanks for looking into the left-handed nails. If you have some laying around, we'll take them.

  3. Are the left handed hammers next to the concrete stretchers?

  4. I don't have any left-handed nails laying around, but how is your situation with wing-nuts?

    I assume the part of Southeast Colorado you are in, has plenty of right wing-nuts, like much of the Midwest. But, if you need us to ship you some left wing-nuts, there's a good handful of them here around Omaha... and we sure don't want them.

  5. Jamey, if we do things right we won't need the concrete stretchers. But if Chris & Troy come to help, you can't count on anything getting done right. So we'll probably need them.

    Isaac, you're right as rain when you assume that SE CO has plenty of right wing-nuts. Springfield - Amber's hometown (a name I find deceiving because there is no spring, and more pasture than field) so I've decided hereafter to refer to it as Plainsville or something like that. Anyway, they can't support a single burger joint, but there is a gun store open daily. And I wouldn't recommend breaking and entering anywhere in the tri-county area...I'd take them and their arsenals to SA any day. But you can keep your left wing-nuts because SA already has plenty.