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Friday, April 16, 2010

The Life & Times of Louis & Amber - Time Flies

I apologize for the delay in between posts.  Life has been a bit crazy for us recently, as you'll likely hear in an additional post or email update.  In the last couple weeks were were finally able to take advantage of our "furlough" time to actually relax a bit - although I use the term "relax" very loosely.  We spent about 10 days in CO with Amber's family at the end of March-beginning of April.  Then we had 3 days back in IA catching up on lots of RHI work before leaving for another week of vacation with my family.  Check back for another post on those details.

DJ, one of the young men from Bible Study, emailed us pictures of his younger twin siblings.  "Pablo" & Miranda were born a couple months before Drake, and we have kept up with them while in South Africa.  After seeing this picture it really hit us again how long we've been gone.  They were just babies when we left and now they look like they're about all grown up.  Man, we can't wait to get back!!!

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