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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

We Have The Land...and funny thing about that land...

Yesterday we received this email from our co-worker in South Africa, Brian Niehoff:

"Just wanted to let you all know that as of about 11:30 today we (RHI) own plot 927 in Naudeaville.     The transfer is complete.  There were no problems which is very uncommon in SA.  I met with with the building inspectors yesterday and found out all the info I need to know to get approval to build.  We also found a company that is going to supply wall sections for us at a very reasonable price.  This will allow us to build a concrete wall which we could not have afforded otherwise. 

On a side note.  I went over to OUR property today with the weed wacker to try to find corner pin markers for the lot lines.  When I arrived there was a whole bunch of police cars on one side of our property between our property and an old abandoned store.  

I was turning to go down there and the police stopped me and told me I couldn't go down there because there was an operation in progress.  I said "what do you mean an operation?"  And he said "it's a hostage situation, we are waiting for the hostage negotiator".  So, I'm thinking the welkom police are making a big deal out of nothing.  I assumed there was a guy in a house that wouldn't let his girlfriend leave or something like that.  I told him I was going to park and start cutting grass on our property.  He said "no you need to leave, there are 10 men with guns in that old store and they have taken hostages".  So, I began to think the situation might be a little more serious.
I asked him if I could work on the other end of the property which is quite a ways away.  He said that was fine.  

So, I tooled on down to the end of the property and started cutting the grass along the property line.  All of a sudden about 10 trucks packed with what appeared to be storm troopers came roaring up the road.  They stopped about 100 ft from the abandoned store and they all got out, organized and started to storm the building.  Then there was a whole bunch of shooting and yelling.  I had walked about half way across our property to watch, and when they started shooting I said to myself "I think it would be best if we (me, myself and I) go".  I started running like a school girl towards my little Volkswagon and took off.  I went straight home to get the camera and I went back.  By the time I got back the ambulances were there and they were leading handcuffed people out of the building. So I knew it was over.  
I walked to one of the storm troopers vehicles and asked what had happened.  He said it was a training exercise for the South Africa Special Forces.  The US Special forces were there training them on counter terrorism.  I think I saw Jack Bauer in the background (from the show 24 for those of you who don't know).  There were about 12 US special forces guys there.  The whole thing was part of the preparations for the World Cup.  
It started out as a very bad feeling thinking that we had just bought land next to a building that was being used to hold hostages.  But it turned out to be ok after all.  If it happens for real I'll get my pellet gun and shoot out the terrorist's eyes.


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