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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Beta Sigma Psi: Monday - Day 5

Monday was concrete day.  We started off with 3 cement mixers.  We had planned on a long day, getting started before 6:00am.  Once we started we learned that one of the cement mixers was completely broken and another wasn’t working very well.  Unfortunately, Monday was a public holiday, so everything was closed.  Brian was able to get the manager of the rental company to come in and open up so we could get 2 replacement mixers.  God continues to bless us with favor on so many fronts.  The fact that we were even able to pour was an act of God on our behalf.  The city is 6 months behind on building permits, yet through persistence on Brian’s part we were able to get ours approved in under 2 weeks!

We had these 6 guys, plus Brian, Ben, Leonard, and me.  I wasn’t much help however.  I had been fighting a cold for a few days.  Sunday night I only slept for 3 hours due to an earache.  I figured I would just push through it and eventually it would go away.  About noon I sat down in the container for a break and the next thing I remember I was in our car and on the way home.  My eardrum eventually ruptured, but since it was a public holiday, none of the doctors were in.  Amber spent part of the afternoon running to the pharmacist getting some things for me, and I slept it off while the guys continued working.  At about 6:00pm they ran out of sand with about a third of the foundation yet to pour.  The guys came back dragging.  Brian himself said that pouring this foundation was probably the hardest he had ever worked in his life, and this from a guy who has done construction for a living for years.  Not one of the guys ever complained.  We were nothing but impressed with their willingness to work, and to do whatever it took to complete a task.
In fact, after a long, hard day of labor, they came back and ate supper, then a couple of them returned to the property to sleep in the container for security.  Thank God for strong backs and weak minds…at least that’s what I kept telling them. 

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