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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Beta Sigma Psi: Tuesday Day 6

Tuesday was concrete day version 1.1, at least for the men.  Amber and Lois kept their weekly ministry appointment at hospice.  Just to say a quick word about our wives, specifically about mine, they put up with a lot.  Amber did almost all the cooking for this team, did laundry every day, prepared for their arrival, and generally runs a tight ship at home.  Between them, Amber and Lois keep us in line.

Back to the construction progress.  Since the guys had run out of sand the day before, we had about a third to finish.  We started aroundt 8:30, hit it pretty hard, and finished around 2:30.  These guys are amazing in their willingness and ability to work and work hard.  I felt terrible that I abandoned Brian and the team on Monday.  Although I had to take it relatively easy on Tuesday, God gave the strength needed to stick it out.  I had the light-weight jobs and I was beat.  I don’t know how the other guys did it.

All told, we poured about 35 cubic yards of concrete.  As we were finishing up, everything looked so good, and Brian and I were both so encouraged by the progress that we jokingly discussed busting out the first children’s foundation before the team left.  Joel Pudenz was standing there and said “Let’s do it.”  This team doesn’t back off from manual labor.

Tune in again to find out if we made it.  Since I’m a week behind, you probably already know.

And speaking of abandonment, Ben had to say goodbye to everyone Tuesday evening.  We are so thankful for his willingness to give his summer to God's work.  He sacrificed almost 3 months of good income and school vacation.  During that time he did whatever was asked, without a complaint...that is, if you don't consider new ideas to increase efficiency complaining!  I told Ben that he owed me a nickel for every new idea he came up with.  I think I'm up several thousand dollars.  Although in all fairness, he is an engineering student, a Stangl, and a Wiedemeier and can't help himself.  It's in the genes.  Now that he's gone, I'm really missing all the great ideas, since I don't have many myself.  Seriously, when Ben arrived, I looked forward to spending several months with my cousin.  As he leaves, I look back on several months spent with my brother.  He has become part of our family and we'll miss him terribly.  And his ideas.

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