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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Beta Sigma Psi: Thursday Day 8

Thursday was more of the same for Team BSY.  After digging the entire foundation on Wednesday, there was a bit more work required to fully prepare for pouring.  There was some final leveling, laying plastic for a moisture barrier, and then setting steel reinforcement for the concrete.  While this work isn’t as physically taxing, it can be a bit time consuming.  They stayed at it, though.  You can see in the photos that by the end of the day they were dead tired.  But not too tired for a rousing game of “Ticket to Ride” once they got home.

Meanwhile, back at the O’Tool hacienda, our family was engaged in another task.  On Wednesday I had received a text message that our visa application had been received back in our local office.  This is the same visa that had expired on July 11th.  In fact, we had received official paperwork stating that we are illegal immigrants, but that it is ok for us to be here illegally.  So you tell me whether we are indeed illegal, since we have permission to be so.  Go figure! 

Anyway, after several visits before, during, and now after our application process, we finally received our stamps.  The process has changed, and we are only allowed 24 month visas as opposed to the traditional 36 months, so we get to repeat this process 33% sooner.  Since I still couldn’t hear due to the ear infection Amber handled the standing in line.  It only took us 3 hours for them to put a sticker in each of our passports and sign the sticker.  So that was pretty nice.  During those 3 hours I began to feel a bit woozy so as it turns out, I spent the afternoon in bed again.

As a side note, our dog Vlad has been doing duty at the RHI property, guarding all the valuables.  As such, we have looked into getting another dog to keep at our house.  Kirby is our new Labrador.  The kids have been enjoying him, as you can see.

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