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Sunday, April 3, 2011

The House Has Opened...

On March 31st our first children's house opened.  Lerato and Monica have been living with us since December 20th.  They were very excited to see the progress and couldn't wait to get into their new house.  The night before Monica had some second thoughts, but then the big day arrived and all hesitation was gone.  The girls seem to love it and we should be getting more children very soon!
Praise the Lord with us for His faithful provision!

The First Children's House is Finished (....mostly)

Mama Lizar with Lerato & Monica

The Living Room

The Kitchen

Dining Table

The Bathroom

The Housemother's Bedroom

The Girl's Bedroom

Mama Lizar and the girls reading the Bible
The first night Monica was scared to sleep in her new bed, because it is the first time in her life she had ever had her own bed.  Mama Lizar said she sat down with the two girls and read the Bible, which seemed to help calm Monica.  Then she sat with her on the bed until Monica fell asleep.  The next night she slept with Lerato.


  1. How exciting! It looks wonderful!

    After hearing so much about you guys (all good of course ;)) I thought I should come say 'Hi'.

  2. By "come" I assume you mean via the blog? Because we're more than happy to put you up here. We can definitely find some work for you!!! We've been hearing about you too, and we're excited for you both.

  3. Oh yes, I meant via the blog. However, I would totally love to come in person sometime too! :D