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Monday, April 18, 2011

The Life & Times - Training Day

Today, after Bible Study and training meetings with our two housemothers, we did some additional training.  Last week Brian worked some of his special magic and was able to get fire extinguishers and fire hoses donated.  So today he set up a little emergency drill.  You'll see it in the video.  The angle I chose put me directly in the line of fire, a thought that didn't occur to me until the second before Mama Lizar pulled the trigger.  I bravely hung in there and took one for the team.  You'll thank me later.

One thing that we've found is unique with this new ministry is that our housemothers are much more willing to ask questions and give input.  Since today we talked through our emergency procedures, they had lots of "what-if" questions.  Such as "what if there is a fire in the hallway that blocks both exterior doors?" to which the answer would be "go out the window."  Or "if a child is choking but still coughing, do you slap them on the back?"

After they successfully extinguished their respective fires they had more questions for Brian.  This line of questioning gives us our quote of the day.  Here is the transcript:
Mama Melita: What if I am holding the fire extinguisher and one of the children is on fire?
Brian:  You use it to put the fire out.
Mama Melita:  But won't that hurt the child?
Brian:  (dramatic and thoughtful pause) ...not as much as the fire on their body.

Brian shows our housemothers how to pull the pin on a fire extinguisher

Mama Melita practices aiming

It's go time!

Don't stand too close.

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