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Saturday, February 4, 2012


It's been a long time since I've done one of these posts, but there have been a couple good ones the past week.  There are actually a few more that I meant to share but forgot to write them down so they're probably gone forever now.  Kids say some pretty funny things.

We have enrolled Meredith in a Karate class.  It gives her some structure outside "Dad and Mom".  It gives her some interaction with other children.  And hopefully teaches her some valuable skills.  She is already as strong as an ox.  The other night after I picked her up from class she shared the following information with me.
Meredith:  "There were a couple new kids in my class today.  They are kind of fat, but I would never tell them that.  I would say to them 'you are skinny with quite a bit of fat on you.'"

Every Tuesday night we have Bible Study with the kids at The Village.  We've made it all the way to Abraham.  This past week we did some review and I asked the kids some questions.  Lerato and I had this exchange:
Louis:  "What was Abraham's nephew's name?"
Lerato:  "alot"

You might remember Teboho Agustinus Jakuja, or JT, from such posts as Bursaries or Bursary Update.  He has since gone on to study on a full-ride academic scholarship at the University of the North West.  He has had a hard time finding a good church, and unfortunately it's not just as simple as looking up a certain denomination.  Since his town is over 2 hours from here I haven't really been able to help with the church hunt.  He has contacted us periodically for guidance.  For instance, he was faithfully attending one church until the pastor told him he hadn't yet received the Holy Spirit because he wasn't speaking in tongues.  JT pointed out to the pastor that I Corinthians tells us that not everyone receives the same gift and that tongues are governed by some very strict guidelines.  Since he didn't agree with that church's doctrine and since he honestly seemed to know more Scripture than the pastor he decided that wasn't a good place to be.  Similar things have come up with a couple other churches he has attended.
Now, I'm never one to push someone for a decision on spiritual matters.  I believe my job is to share the truth, educate and counsel.  The Holy Spirit will do the prompting to action.  So I've shared with these boys what baptism is, but we have waited for them to come to us.  Thus the following message from JT.
JT (via text message):  "Hi Uncle Louie, I'm in Potchefstroom (another city) now and I need something from you.  I want to be baptized so please tell me when is a right time for you. 2 God be the glory in Jesus name."
P.S.  I spoke with JT via phone and interviewed him.  He obviously knows what his salvation is and means, and he knows exactly what baptism is.  Now we're just working to arrange a date for him to take this awesome step in his spiritual life.

JT's cousin, Napo David Jakuja, or DJ is a very close friend of ours.  He also came to know the Lord through the same Bible Studies as JT.  DJ was a bit older than the other guys and really had some struggles finding a scholarship (or bursary) for furthering his studies.  Last year God graciously provided some funds for him to go to school to pursue a degree in social work.  But he knew that was a one-year gift.  That meant he needed to perform well enough academically so that his marks would merit a bursary of his own.  Last week he called me and shared this:
DJ (via phone call):  "I wanted to tell you I received a full bursary to study social work this year.  Please let the people who have helped me know that I am thankful for their help.  They have given me an opportunity to change my life and I know that."

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  1. Always a joy to catch up with the Life and Times of Louis and SA friends are never far from my mind.

    Blessings and Happy Easter to All