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Friday, February 24, 2012

Jobs for Everyone

For this latest update you'll have to hearken back with me to June of 2011.  This is when we were in the midst of constructing the second children's house.  We had the blessing of being joined by several young, energetic people, all of whom happen to be related to us in one form or another.

My sisters Rosina and Michelle were digging a trench for our water and electric lines.  Apparently they got a little carried away because they dug right into an alleged sink hole.  I'm suspecting they just got carried away and kept right on digging.  It's really no wonder they look so tired.

In any event, we thought we had fixed the sink hole, but lo and behold, a couple months back it reappeared, nearly swallowing our sidewalk in the process and preventing us from cutting the grass.  Papa Revival spent some time fixing it a couple days ago, but this reminded me to post some of the pictures.

And although my sisters had some trouble digging a hole properly, there were several jobs we found for which their skills suited them nicely.  And for anyone who thinks I'm unabashedly cruel, you must know my cruelty stems only from the deepest of affection for both Rosina and Michelle.  I'm just reminded of the proverb "Never send a Rosina to do a Despicable Tim's job."

Jobs at which Rosina and Michelle are uniquely qualified:

Scraping cement off the cement.

Caring for children and/or napping.

Again with the napping.

Ok, so they lost this job after about 5 minutes.  But they gave it the ol' college try.

Preparing deliciousness for us to long as Drake was there to supervise and as long as they weren't required to remember to put an egg in the brownies.

Helping Meredith bake.

Shaving their legs.


Holding the water bottles.

I affirm my sincerest love for my favorite sister Rosina and my favorite new sister-in-law Michelle.  We wish you were both here with us right now and we look forward to seeing you this summer, if only to develop more material.


  1. Everyone needs a brother like you in their life...:-)

    1. Yes, they do. My brother services can be had for the right price.